Beach Walker

Please note: these walkers are temporarily out of stock due to increased transport costs (due to the Covid-19 pandemic). As an alternative we have developed the Off Road Walker.

This walker offers assistance to those who are in need of a bit of support when walking on sand, mud or any other kind of rough terrain. The Aluminium All-Terrain Beach Walker provides stability to individuals in walking on sandy beaches, rough terrain and even snow that normal walkers cannot accommodate. Light weight, folding, portable and ready to go when you are.



  • Anodized aluminium frame
  • Casters and axles are made from #316L stainless steel
  • Rollator folding style walker is able to fit through a standard ADA doorway and be used indoors and outside in areas where using a standard walker is difficult
  • Overall height (adjustable): 86-99 cm.
  • Floor to seat height: 66 cm.
  • Width: 58 cm.
  • Chairweight: app. 8 kg.
  • Weight capacity: 136 kg.
  • Provided with 30 cm. Wheeleez balloon wheels (front side) and 24 cm. Wheeleez balloon wheels (back site)