Overview beach wheels

De-Bug rolstoelen voor strand

Wheeleez various sizes

Prices (ex. VAT):
24 cm: € 54,75 p.s.
30 cm: € 73,45 p.s.
42 cm.: € 106,59 p.s.
49 cm.: € 128,26 p.s.

Equipped with unique, pliable, pneumatic tires that will roll, even glide, over soft sand, turf and other challenging terrain. Available in 24 cm., 30 cm., 42 cm. and 49 cm.


EuroTrax smooth or with studs

Price (ex. VAT): € 152,- p.s.

EuroTrax balloonwheels are designed for heavy work, like transporting boats, waterscooters and applications like electrical (heavy weight) beach wheelchairs. Available in four designs.