EuroTrax balloon wheels

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EuroTrax balloonwheels are designed for heavy work, like transporting boats, waterscooters and applications like electrical (heavy weight) beach wheelchairs. They can be used either on rough surfaces or on the road. The wheels are extremely strong and durable, and even withstand sharp stones, pebbles etc.

The wheels are available in four designs:

1 Smooth, 21×12-8 (app. 560x250mm.)
2 With studs, 21×12-8 (app. 560×250 mm.)
3 With normal profile, 18×9,5-8 (app. 450×230 mm.)
4 With studs, 16×7,5-8 (app. 400x20mm.)

The wheels are available with various kinds of bearing systems, depending on your application.


  • 2 Plies (2 PR)
  • Load capacity up to 200 KG – light weight
  • Rim in spoke-design – made of reinforced Polyamid
  • Tubeless with standard valve
  • CNC-milled:




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