Product overview

Below you will find an overview of our products, with a short description and price information.

De-Bug rolstoelen voor strand

Mobi-Mat AFX

Designed as portable nonslip roll-up access mats for beaches, nature reserves etc, those mats, made of 100% recyceld plastic, are worldwide reknown for their superb quality.

Mobi-Mat Ad Mat

With an Ad Mat you provide your Mobi-Mat AFX with a personal message. Great for sponsors, for advertisements or simply to welcome your guests!

Beach Wheelchairs:

De-Bug rolstoelen voor strand

Sandapter wheelchair conversion kit

With the Sandapter Wheelchair Conversion Kit you turn your own handpushed wheelchair in a flash into a beach wheelchair. Fast, easy and affordable, no tools needed.

De-Bug strandrolstoel zij-aanzicht

De-Bug basic model

Tested several times as best beach wheelchair: the De-Bug excels at its sitting comfort, pushing ease and steering qualities. With many optional setting options.

De-Bug rolstoelen voor strand

De-Bug with adjustable legrest

The De-Bug with angle-adjustable leg rest is ideal for those who want to put their legs a little higher than usual.

De-Bug rolstoelen voor strand

Tiralo 2

Aquatic wheelchair that enables people to get an “as close to swimming as possible” experience. Offers its users a complete and unique sunny day beach experience!

De-Bug rolstoelen voor strand


Leisure wheelchair from Mobi-Mat, with balloon wheels, floats and comfortable seat. Easy to disassemble and transport. Ideal for eg holidays!



The world’s best-selling leisure wheelchair. Beautiful design, easy to transport and many extra features possible. With the well-known white balloonwheels an ideal beach wheelchair is formed!

Electric off road wheelchairs:

De-Bug rolstoelen voor strand


Custom build in Zeeland. Customized and built to your liking. Extremely manoeuvrable and suitable for all surfaces: complete all-round leisure chair!

De-Bug rolstoelen voor strand

CadWeazle 2.0

Not available

Based on ten years of practical experience, we’ve created this extremely beach-resistant electrical beach wheelchair. Freedom and independance guaranteed!

Beach Carts:

De-Bug rolstoelen voor strand

Wheeleez Beach Cart

Can be used as a barrow or cart on sand and rough soil. With its balloon wheels it can be used for many purposes. Dismantlable and foldable, thus enabling easy transportation.

Wheeleez Beach Cart Folding

Folding and telescopic hand truck with balloon wheels, for transport of (fishing) boxes, coolers and other objects in sand or on any other kind of rough soil.

Wheeleez Beach Cart Folding Mini

Beach Cart Folding’s small brother. Perfect partner for transporting smaller size coolers, fishing boxes and other objects in sand or on any other kind of rough soil.

Beach trailers:

De-Bug rolstoelen voor strand

K3B Trailers various sizes

Handy trailer with Wheeleez balloonwheels, for canoes, kayaks, sup-boards, small boats etc. Entirely dismantable and foldable. Various sizes available.

Balloon wheels:

De-Bug rolstoelen voor strand

Wheeleez various sizes

Equipped with unique, pliable, pneumatic tires that will roll, even glide, over soft sand, turf and other challenging terrain. Available in 24 cm., 30 cm., 42 cm. and 49 cm.


EuroTrax smooth or with studs

EuroTrax balloonwheels are designed for heavy work, like transporting boats, waterscooters and applications like electrical (heavy weight) beach wheelchairs. Available in four designs.