Sandapter wheelchair conversion kit

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Turn your own wheelchair into a beach wheelchair in a flash. Fast, easy and affordable, no tools needed!

With the Sandapter® Wheelchair Rear Wheel Conversion Kit you turn your own handpushed wheelchair in a flash into a beach wheelchair. Release the rear wheels, put the Sandapter Kit in place and get onto the beach! This set has been designed for handpushed wheelchairs with two independently turning rear wheels/axles.

Because of the fact that the kit is adjustable to almost every kind of handpushed wheelchair, is very easy to install manually, and fits in the back of every car or camper,  it’s the ideal kit to always take with. This way you will be able to visit beaches, nature reserves etc. whenever and wherever you want. And in case you buy another wheelchair in the future, you can order every part of the kit separately, so that it will always remain usable.

It has been found in practice that this set fits perfectly well to transport people over a relatively short distance, thus enabling people to go to the shoreline, the windshield, a beach house etc. together. If the small front wheels get stuck into the sand, just turn the wheelchair backwards slightly and go on!



  • Two 49 cm. Wheeleez balloonwheels
  • Two stainless steel (#316, sea water resistant) axles for wheelchairs with either 12,0 mm. or 12,7 mm. axles
  • Four plastic adjusting rings (sea water resitant), to adjust the position of the balloon wheel to your own wheelchair
  • Two #316 stainless steel (sea water resistant) lock springs
  • Two plastic distance bushes, that can be cut at the right length easily to fit your own wheelchair
  • Two plastic protective caps that can be placed at the end of the axles
  • All components can be ordered separately, so that the kit can be used over and over again


Click here to see images of the assembly of the Sandapter conversion kit

Click here to see videos from the Sandapter in use at the beach


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