Vision & Consultancy

Consultancy toegankelijke stranden en natuur

Partner in working on real accessibility of beaches and nature:

  • Chain-wide approach to accessibility
  • Accessibility viewed from the entire target group
  • Accessibility made measurable: (zero) measurements, reports and  recommendations
  • Guidance of, or support for, policy improvement processes

To make beaches and nature truly accessible, many more conditions must be met than just making a (beach) wheelchair available. Approx. 1 in 10 people has a severe or moderate disability, and an even larger group has a mild disability. This group is very diverse, and every disability (and every individual) requires different solutions. Unfortunately, the current set of facilities often offers insufficient options, so that a visit to the beach or nature remains unfeasible for a large part of the target group.

In addition, accessibility must be viewed chain-wide, i.e. a continuous set of preconditions is required. For example, one high threshold in a trajectory can mean that all facilities around it cannot be used, and are therefore realized for nothing… Unfortunately, this happens all too often in practice, which means that well-intentioned initiatives do not (fully) reach their goal, and budgets are wasted.

Off Road Solutions strives to contribute to actually increasing the accessibility of the beach and nature from A to Z for everyone with a disability. To this end, based on years of practical experience, discussions with the target group(s) and broad knowledge of the sector, we have developed a method that covers the entire accessibility chain from A to Z, for the widest possible target group. This makes accessibility measurable and identifies areas for improvement. We translate this into practical recommendations, which can then serve as the basis for a policy plan of action. All this is always based on the wishes of the various target groups, so that supply and demand can actually be brought together step by step.

In concrete terms, we can do the following to parties that work on making the beach and/or nature more accessible:

  • Accessibility scan of locations. The entire chain of accessibility is included for the entire target group (or, if desired, a part of it), and it becomes clear where points for improvement lie. This leads to a report with a list of recommendations.
  • Support in setting up a policy approach to improve/optimize the accessibility of a location.
  • Giving presentations about accessibility of the beach and nature.

We work on the basis of individual assignments as well as long-term projects, where we look for customization in a flexible manner together with the customer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested!