About us

Off Road Solutions is committed to accessible beaches and nature. With a wide range of products and services and a broad vision on accessibility, it appears that there is often more possible than initially thought. We try to think in terms of possibilities, but we are honest about our limits. In this way we hope to be able to offer as many people as possible a beautiful (beach) experience and to contribute to the structural improvement of accessible recreation. We also hope to be able to do something for you and are happy to think along with you!

History of Off Road Solutions

Off Road Solutions was founded by Martijn Koppejan (shown in the picture taking a first test drive with the very first homemade Meriete, 2017 🙂 ) with the aim of making beaches more accessible to people with a functional disability. Martijn is a nurse by training and in the summer months active as a lifeguard on the beaches from Veere (Netherlands). Beach accessibility forms the bridge between these two worlds.

In 2009, the CadWeazle was the first to be introduced, at the time the only electric beach wheelchair in the Netherlands. Over the years, the range of products has grown in order to meet as many wishes as possible. From his interest in technology and the conviction that things could be done better, Martijn also started developing his own products. Ultimately, this led to collaborations with various other companies to arrive at the current product range.

In addition to products, there was also a need for a range of services. This started with the rental of beach wheelchairs on location, the organization and/or support of activities and cooperation with municipalities, companies and other organizations to create accessible recreation and tourism.

Meanwhile, Off Road Solutions has grown into the company it is today. We are curious if we can help you too! Feel free to contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities.

2017, prototype testing :-)