About us

Off Road Solutions has been committed to accessible beaches and nature since 2009. With a wide range of products, flexible services and based on a broad vision of accessibility. We try to think in terms of possibilities and look for solutions when problems arise. In this way we have been able to contribute in many places over the years, and we hope to be able to make many more people happy in the future.

History of Off Road Solutions

Off Road Solutions was founded by Martijn Koppejan (photo), after he got to know the CadWeazle and saw what this electric beach wheelchair meant for people. Martijn is a nurse by training and during the summer months he’s active as a lifeguard on the Veere beaches. The CadWeazle formed a bridge between these two worlds, and the passion for beach accessibility was born.

Over the years, the company expanded into what it is today, constantly seeking new solutions when problems arose. We hope to be able to continue to innovate in the future, and thus make access to beaches and nature more and more natural for everyone!

2017, prototype testing :-)