Off Road Solutions rents out the following products:

Delivery and pick up service at Walcheren and Noord-Beveland is possible in consultation. This way you have access to the beach and nature wherever and whenever you want, ideal for beach holidays, weekend breaks, etc.

Note: Because our company is not permanently staffed, we kindly request you to book in advance!

Rental Procedure:

1 Send your rent request by e-mail. State clearly your contact details, the product of your choice, the rental period, your address during the rental period and (if applicable) delivery and collection dates.

2. You will receive a confirmation by email with a payment request.

3. Your reservation becomes final when your payment has been received.

4. Reservations can be canceled free of charge up to two weeks in advance. You will then receive the full amount already paid. If canceled less than two weeks in advance, 50% of the amount paid will be reimbursed.

5. With delivery on location it is not always possible to hand over the products to you personally. When we have to deliver your product in advance at (the reception of) a hotel, camping etc., it is the responsibility of the tenant to coordinate this with this location in advance.

6. We do our utmost to keep our products in optimum condition. Nevertheless, it is possible that a defect occurs. In this case, this must be reported to us as soon as possible so that we can arrange repairment or replacement and minimize further damage.

7. Use of our products is always at your own risk. We accept no liability for (direct or indirect) injury (s) to the tenant and/or other persons and/or damage to objects due to the use of our products.

8. The product must be returned in good condition and unchanged after the rental. Damage to rented products due to improper use (for example driving through seawater with electric beach wheelchairs) is recovered from the tenant. Prices:

  • De-Bug: € 25,- per day / € 150,- per week
  • Tiralo 2: € 25,- per day / € 150,- per week
  • Beach Walker: €15,- per day / € 90,- per week

Delivery and pick up: (only after consultation):

  • Vlissingen: € 25,-
  • Dishoek: € 20,-
  • Zoutelande: € 20,-
  • Westkapelle / Zeedijk: € 20,-
  • Domburg: € 15,-
  • Oostkapelle: € 15,-
  • Vrouwenpolder: € 15,-
  • Banjaard/Kamperland: € 25,-

For more information or other questions just contact us.

CadWeazle 2.0’s:

During high season (May-September) we cooperate with Stichting Strandexploitatie Veere to rent out our CadWeazle 2.0 wheelchairs. Reservations in that period can be made at the beach/lifeguard posts at Zoutelande and Vlissingen. Other locations in Zeeland with a CadWeazle service are Beachclub Lekker (Vrouwenpolder), Beach pavilion De Banjaard (Kamperland), Beach pavilion Our Seaside (Renesse) and Hotel De Zeeuwse Stromen (Renesse). Check with these locations yourself for availability and conditions of use!