Audio guided assistance (English)

For many people with a visual impairment (independent) visits to the beach and nature are a utopia. Modern techniques can change this. For example, “audio guided assistance” is on the rise. “Beacons” are placed in strategic places that communicate with an app or another device (to be worn as a watch by the user). In this way, a visually impaired person can receive instructions at specific places and times, or doors can be opened for them, traffic lights operated or a request for assistance submitted to a reception. This technology is being used in more and more countries to improve the accessibility of public transport, public spaces, shopping centers, etc.

Our partner at StepHear is committed to a broad implementation of audio guided assistance in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. Together we are currently looking for applications for beach and nature, using our collective knowledge and experience to create “chains of accessibility” for people with a visual impairment, enabling them to enjoy the beach and nature independently.

Our collaboration started in June ’23. The ultimate goal is to draw attention to accessibility for people with a visual impairment and audio guided assistance within each (coastal) municipality, and to enable them to create at least one accessible chain each. So that people with a visual impairment can also enjoy the beach and nature!

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