De-Bug basic model

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De-Bug strandrolstoel zij-aanzicht
De-Bug strandrolstoel achteraanzicht

The De-Bug is the beach wheelchair that excels at its sitting comfort, pushing ease and steering qualities.The De-Bug turns easily and quickly while users sit at a comfortable tilt angle. Due to the castering rear wheels the De-Bug has exceptional maneuverability. And the articulating rear suspension allows all four wheels to remain in contact with the ground when going across uneven terain, making the De-Bug more stable than fixed wheeled chairs. The De-Bug frame is constructed using #316L stainless steel tubing, which guarantees the highest standard of seawater resistance.

The De-bug comes standard with a hip belt and height-adjustable footrest. In addition, many extra options are possible, and the De-Bug can be completely customized if desired.

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Click here to see the pushing ease and steering qualities in real life at Scheveningen Beach

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  • #316L stainless steel frame
  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds (or 158 kg.)
  • Casters – rear wheels rotate 360 degrees. Wheel hubs are made from poly-nylon material to eliminate salt water corrosion
  • The rear suspension articulates approximately 20 degrees, allowing all four wheels to remain in contact with the ground when going across uneven terrain, maing it much more stable than standard outdoor wheelchairs
  • The swing away arm rests are easily removable for lateral transfers
  • The footrest has linear position telescopic length adjustment and optional four position angle adjustment
  • The adjustable tension, #316 stainless steel, wheel brakes can be actuated independantly on each side
  • Chair width: approximately 33,5 inch or 85 cm.
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